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Debbie Brewer's popular Poetry Treasures series has been released with Volumes One, Two, Three and Four. Each book is full of poems that are delightfully highlighted with colourful images that bring the poems to life, so that everyone, even the least poetic of us, can find absolute delight in these pages!

The pinnacle of this series, is Poetry Treasures, Special Edition, which combines all four volumes in one beautiful book. 

Debbie has also released a series of driver training books.

This series includes a new second edition of the previously successful book, Step by Step Guide to the Driving Test Manoeuvres, now updated for the new driving test, brought in by the DVSA in 2017.

Also in the series are the books What to Expect on your Driving Test, and Show Me Tell Me Questions and Motorways, An Essential Guide to Driving on the Motorway. Perfect for learner drivers to help them with their driver training.

Following on from her first book of the series, Jack and the Friendly Aliens, Debbie has since published the second, third and fourth in her series of children's books, Ethan and the Magic Hat, Goats, Kids and Naughty Children, and Poems for Bedtime. These books are written in rhyme to make them easy and fun to read, designed to spark a child's imagination and encourage reading. Expect more of this series of books to be released.

After completing her diploma in Angel Therapy, Debbie researched this fascinating subject at great length, leading her to write her fifth book in the series of spiritualism books, Understand Angels, Their Mission, Guidance and Connection With You. Use this book to learn how to communicate with the angelic realm and understand the immense wisdom of angels for help, support, healing, guidance and protection.

New Releases

Little Harry was bored of shopping with his Mum, until he met a mysterious old woman who told him of the curious legend of the Old Goat. But was it true? This cute little tale will inevitably inspire children and definitely resonate with parents. Suitable for ages 3 - 8.

There are many references to be found in old English history, of dangerous dragons and heroic knights, saving maidens and villagers from death and destruction. These ancient folklores and legends are drawn from across the length and breadth of the country. The fascinating descriptions of each of these ferocious animals are truly startling from their curious and terrifying appearances, to their inherent, and sometimes magical abilities. They are among the first of the ancient mythical creatures and are often referred to as beasts, monsters, demons and serpents. Such enchanting tales have been passed down over thousands of years, depicted in cave paintings, rock art, manuscripts, documents, paintings and sculptures, and preserved for the wonderment of all. Some tales have much detail and evidence attached to them, whereas for some, the details are scarce. Enjoy this comprehensive captivating catalogue of fascinating dragon legends of old England.

Angels are always ready and willing to help you. Learn how to communicate with the angelic realm and understand the immense wisdom of angels for help, support, healing, guidance and protection. Embrace your spiritual awareness to let the eternal powerful love of the angels guide you along your true life's path towards light and enlightenment and change your life for the better. Get to know these wonderful heavenly beings, your Guardian Angel, the Archangels and which angels to connect with. Recognise the signs and acknowledge the presence of divine angels in your life. Angels are waiting for you to discover the beauty and magnificence of angelic connection with them. Their grace, splendour and love is radiant to all who search it.

Future Planned Releases

The Christmas Clock

The Spiritual Index


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